Every year, the California CPC Churches gather to celebrate the work of God in His Church, and His faithfulness through the ages. This celebration is part outreach and part fellowship and annually draws over 400 members and guests for a time of learning, food, music, worship and fun. We call this event the “Church History Festival”, or CHI Fest for short.

This year’s topic is the “First Council of Nicea”, which was convened by Emperor Constantine during the year 325 AD. Many people recognize this as the origins of the Nicene Creed, but there is so much additional richness to the story.

Our goal is that everyone who attends this event comes away having had not only a good time, but an experience that brings history to life, and a deeper understanding of one of the great foundational moments of our faith.

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This years events will include the ever popular “Town Square”, with over 20 crafts for people of all ages. Even adults will have fun constructing a miniature trebuchet (like a catapult), or trying their hand at the leatherworking table.

Earn “currency” to spend at the Square by completing Quests, such as following a map to hidden treasure, or by carrying messages for members of the Council. You can also increase your earnings at the Games, if you have enough skill to knock down the ninepins, or win at our checkers tables. There will even be spectator sports to prepare for, including the ever popular “Pillow Fight”.

In the afternoon, we have several speakers who will be teaching on the topic of the First Council of Nicaea, and what was going on in the church during his life. That time of teaching will be topped off with a spectacular feast, a play about the the Council, finally ending the evening with some country dancing and dessert.

There is something for everyone, and a day full of fun. We would love to have you come and join the festival!

When and Where:

October 25th, 2014 – 9am to 10pm
Hutchins Street Square
125 S Hutchins St, Lodi, CA 95240

Schedule of the Day (subject to change):

9:30am    – Registration/Welcome Table Opens
10:00am  – Town Square Opens
11:00am   – Morning Speaking Session
2:00pm   – Keynote Speaking Session
4:00pm   – Spectator Sports
5:00pm   – Dinner & Feasting
6:30pm    – Worship & Dramatic Presentation
9:00pm   – Called Folk Dancing
10:00 pm   – Event Closes

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To help you in planning your costumes, click the images below to access pictures of period costumes that we have assembled. Use these to inspire what you show up in!

Costumes are encouraged, but not required, with near-historical accuracy applauded.

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Featured Speaker:

wesCallihanWesley Callihan grew up on a farm in Idaho and graduated in History from the University of Idaho in 1983. He has taught for over twenty-five years in various organizations – at Logos School in Moscow, Idaho; the University of Idaho; New St. Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho; and at Veritas Academy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He has written curriculum for several ACCS and other Christian schools, has written some Great Books study guides for homeschoolers (published by Veritas Press), speaks regularly at Classical Christian education conferences for home educators and private schools, and teaches summer intensive Latin courses. His online Great Books course is being filmed by Roman Roads Media as a video curriculum called Old Western Culture. He has written columns and short fiction for Credenda/Agenda and Antithesis, and contributed to the book Classical Education and the Home School, (published by Canon Press). Schola Classical Tutorials, a program of live internet courses in the Great Books and the Classical Languages, began in the fall of 1997 and is his contribution to the growing classical Christian education movement.

Wes and his wife Dani have six children, five of them married, and nine grandchildren. Wes, Dani, and youngest son George live in an old farmhouse in northern Idaho near Wes’s parents and some of the kids and grandkids, where six generations of the family have lived on the same family farm. They use the cold winters as an excuse to read, and the hot summers as another excuse to read. Wes likes hunting and fishing, listening to the blues, gardening, movies, and travel (he has organized several tours for his students and their families to Greece and Turkey). But like the Venerable Bede he loves teaching, reading, and writing best of all.

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